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about me

I am a Christian Counsellor, using integrative form of Counsellig. Meaning I don't use one format of counselling.

As, a Christian Counsellor, all counselling is backed by the word of GOD. There are three people involve the the counselling session, HolySpirit, counsellee and the Counsellor.

Conficiality is protected not absolute. At B.E.S.T, no one is judged but listened to, giving you the support needed at all times to sought challenges. Watch my TV series on Sky 592 Believe TV B.E.S.T on Fridays 7:30pm .

why is this happening

This is what happens when issues or challenges begin. Heads will be knocking together without solution. It ends up with disagreement or conflicts. It is the content in wrong thinking that allows such issues be a focus. Don't allow it to be you, come and lets reason together.
When you change your thinking, you can shift your focus to a new future.

What I do

An independent confidential e-counselling service. Here you will find a discreet, relaxing and safe environment . To enable you to explore whatever issues or challenges at hand .You have the support,of an experienced counsellor.

With the understanding that in life live there are circumstances which can confront one. Situations one is not sure how to deal with or feel unable to deal with. A counsellor can help you look at those difficulties in different ways. By this one is able to find a solutions to unresolved challenges.

  • Alcohol problems
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Depression
  • Bereavement and loss issues
  • Personal development & growth
  • Relationship problems
  • Low self-esteem
  • Lack of self-confidence
  • Anger management

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